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XMR mining in CryptoTab: good news for any crypto user
Mining in the CryptoTab ecosystem is more profitable than ever!

The crypto industry is a space that requires patience and the ability to catch the right moment. And this year starts with great news for CryptoTab users! Because the efficiency of mining in the ecosystem has grown incredibly and continues to grow!

Multiple CryptoTab ecosystem products and services allow users to mine Monero (XMR), which is converted to Bitcoin for simplicity and convenience without commissions or additional fees.

Over the last months we have seen a steady increase in the price of XMR and a significant decrease in the complexity of mining the cryptocurrency. And this means that mining in the ecosystem has become easier and more efficient all at once!

Mining Difficulty


You can see for yourself the change in the graph of the currency price. But XMR mining has also become more than twice as easy. At the same time, both XMR to BTC rate and Bitcoin price itself continue to grow.

"Good times" for investing exist and now we have a textbook example of them in front of us. It's time to catch the crest of the crypto wave and increase your income. Especially since there are plenty of opportunities to do so:

Pool Miners in CryptoTab Browser — mining just got more efficient, but add to that the ability to reach an incredible 20,000,000 H/s on any PC!

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Cloud.Boost in CTB on Android — you can take advantage of the situation for an incredible income increase without a PC! Just use Cloud.Boost in CTB on Android to get a steadily high hashrate even without owning any hardware!

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CT Farm — if you're already getting income from your farm, celebrate with us that your mining is getting more efficient. And you can make it even more efficient by using Pool Miners!

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Published: Jan. 11, 2023