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Welcome NFT!

Create NFT right on Instagram!

This year has become an important point in the NFT world as now it has become even more accessible in our everyday life. All thanks to the Meta and their NFT integration to such global social media like Facebook and Instagram!

It all started on May 10 when the company first announced that they are going to introduce NFT on Facebook and Instagram. The main goal was to allow all users to display and show around their created or bought tokens. And by September 29 this innovative feature was already available in the USA and other 100 countries in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

But the integration did not stop there. On November 2 Meta posted their next update post disclosing that now they are working on the new feature. Soon users will be able to make their NFT (on Polygon) right on Instagram and sell them to their fans! For now, this new feature is available and being tested in the US only but other countries will also get it soon.

Each day forward NFT becomes more present in our lives and a lot more new ways of utilizing this modern technology will surely come in the future!

Published: Nov. 9, 2022